Once you have found a property or properties that you are interested in viewing, please contact us so that we can arrange appointments for you to view
them. If you are already based here in Spain, we can arrange for a half or full day tours depending on the location and number of properties you wish to view.

If you are located outside of Spain and wish to arrange a viewing trip to the area, we can help you arrange your visit and will make appointments to view your
chosen properties over the duration of your stay.

We would suggest allowing for a period of between 3 and 5 days to visit the area, this way you can see a selection of properties and experience a range of
areas to find the right property for you.

Viewing trip air tickets
Our viewing trips include:

  • Help with booking of accommodation if required
  • Professional advice, including general financial and legal advice
  • Your own English speaking property adviser / guide throughout your stay
  • Transportation to and from the airport in Alicante or Murcia

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